Italian Sea Salt

Flowered in the sea, harvested in the salt pan and packaged with love, without any treatment. From our sea to your dish.

astuccio integrale grosso Cuor di Mare

Unrefined Italian Sea Salt
Coarse - Box 1kg

astuccio integrale fino Cuor di Mare

Unrefined Italian Sea Salt
Fine - Box 1kg

Unrefined sea salt flourishes in the uncontaminated habitat of Margherita di Savoia salt pan thanks to the natural process of evaporation and crystallisation that has taken place cyclically for centuries.

raccolta integrale

It is then harvested, washed and packaged without any further treatment or refining, thus preserving its natural organoleptic properties unaltered.

Unrefined Sicilian Salt

ICoarse unrefined Sicilian sea salt flourishes in uncontaminated coasts, in historical salt pans illuminated by the sun and blown by the wind. Harvested according the local craftsmanship and tradition handed down over the centuries; the grains of unrefined, irregular and moist salt have a strong flavour and crunchiness to match any dish of the Mediterranean cuisine. It is a salt ideal for every dish, both cooked or raw, has a high solubility and enhances the taste of each recipe.

sacchetto integrale di Sicilia Cuor di Mare

Unrefined Sicilian Sea Salt
Coarse - Bag 1kg