alchimia Sale Marino Iodato Cuor di Mare
alchimia Sale Marino Iodato Cuor di Mare

About us

From the seawater, following the rhythm of man and nature, our salt is born.

Cuor di Mare was created in May 2013, as a natural result of our company's passion and expertise, and successfully entered the world of large-scale distribution.

Today the product line, fully upgraded, meets the need of every customer with its selection, formats and types of product, as well as with the elegance, transparency and refinement of the packaging.


Our Philosophy

Cuor di Mare sea salt is harvested by fully respecting nature. The salt workers, combining tradition and cutting-edge technologies, provide a high quality and strictly natural product.

Its production takes place in an uncontaminated environment, through a process that originates from Italian tradition and which makes the salt unique because of its authentic flavour and the complexity of its elements that make it different from every other salt.